SAABC is a networking forum for business professionals with a South African affiliation working within the global business community.

Our mission is to connect, inspire and empower the South African business community working in the global arena, supporting their ability to be more productive and successful.

Our vision is to have thousands of South African professionals meet, exchange ideas, find opportunities and employees, promote their products or business, and learn from each other, all within a network of trusted relationships.

As a socially responsible organization we empower the next generation of leaders and entrepreneurs by supporting educational charitable causes through our network.



Our Goal, Your Benefit


SAABC - whats in it for you - subscriberWe offer upscale, informative business networking activities live and online

You expand your global network of successful South African business leaders worldwide


We share success stories of inspiring South African business professionals on the global stage

You gain new ideas, role-models and a pride in the global success of our fellow South Africans


We provide a forum to empower each other as well as global South Africans and impact education in South Africa

You belong to a community making a difference in the lives of other South Africans.



Our Activities


Speaker Series
    • Networking events with high-caliber guest speakers
Signature Events
    • Annual Golf Classic Fundraisers – US East and West Coast
      (Contact us if you would like us to consider a golf fundraiser in your region.)
    • Annual Wine Pairing Dinner
 Networking Mixers
    • Casual networking mixers in local cities. We co-host with other expat or business groups to broaden networking interactions.
      (Contact us if you would like us to consider co-hosting networking mixers in your region.)
  • Brand SA interviews
    SAABC on our vision for
    global South African
    business professionals

Job Postings

South Africans are well recognized as well-educated, hard-workers, with great integrity and work ethic. If you are looking for a new employee or a new job, as an SAABC subscriber you will be eligible to use our POST A JOB and/or FIND A JOB platform. This platform is currently only available for jobs based in the USA.

Services Postings

If you’re looking for a doctor, lawyer, accountant, financial planner, trade consultant etc. this is where you will find them. SAABC provides a platform for South Africans to promote their service offerings or post a need for a service – helping you find colleagues you will understand.

As an SAABC subscriber you are eligible to use our POST A SERVICE and/or FIND A SERVICE platform. This service is currently only available in the USA.


If you are a business owner and have a special deal on a service or product you would like to promote either locally or internationally our promotions platform will help you reach successful, influential South African business professionals around the world.

As an SAABC subscriber you are eligible to take advantage of our PROMOTIONS platform.


SAABC Forums are online meeting places where business professionals meet in an intimate and confidential setting to share best practices and gain feedback on ideas and opportunities. Some might merely discuss business with like-minded people gaining inspiration and building valuable relationships to support your professional and personal success.

Our Forums are virtual meeting places that are industry and profession specific. Acceptance into a Forum is by invitation-only and participants must be SAABC subscribers.

As an SAABC subscriber you will be eligible to apply for SAABC FORUMS.

SUBSCRIBE NOW to take advantage of SAABC activities.

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