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| April 12, 2012

EDUCATION CAUSE:  LEAP Math & Science Schools

It is no secret that education in South Africa is in crisis. Millions of children still do not attend schools or receive materials and have little chance to improve their own lives.

LEAP Schools has a vision to transform disadvantaged communities in South Africa through mathematics and science focussed education initiatives.

Since opening in January 2004, LEAP has achieved remarkable success with a 95% Grade 12 pass rate in the national senior certificate examinations and 75% of our pre-2010 graduates pursuing tertiary studies.  SAABC spoke with chairman of LEAPs board Anthony Galloway:

Who benefits and what is their challenge?  The primary beneficiaries of LEAP’s work are the LEAP students, who attend the last 4 years of high school at LEAP. They are drawn from disadvantaged communities in South Africa, where they currently receive extremely poor levels of education in their township schools.Their challenge is to rise above their circumstances and gain a University-level Matriculation qualification that will enable them to access top-flight tertiary education opportunities, embark on successful careers, become young role models in their communities, and lead social transformation at grass-roots levels in South Africa. The knock-on beneficiaries are the township communities themselves, the LEAP partner schools, and all other stakeholders in the LEAP “family”.

What is your mission?  LEAP’s core purpose is to provide quality education to all LEAP Students for the last four years of their high school life with the aim of them achieving a University-level Matric certificate.

Why is LEAP a current, relevant South African project?  Each LEAP School comprises a unique partnership model in secondary school education, and is the only proven-to-work solution within the framework of township education in South Africa. Coming to LEAP from township schools that show a history of achieving 1-5% University-level Matric results, the LEAP students have consistently been achieving a 98% pass rate, with 60+% University-level graduates. In the long term LEAP’s vision is to change the trajectory of progress in South Africa by leading the development of a large, well-educated, Black middle class that will anchor our development into a “winning nation” in the future.

How can people support?  The easiest method of people in the USA supporting LEAP is by donating to our partner organisation in San Francisco — Teach With Africa. Please visit the Teach With Africa website at and hit the “Make a Donation” option on the home screen. Then simply send a note to if you wish your donation to be forwarded on to the LEAP Science and Maths Schools.

Where do people go to get financial information on your organization? Visit our LEAP website at

Contact information:   Website URL to link to

ABOUT LEAP MODEL: The LEAP learning model is designed to support children from South Africa’s township communities to become South Africa’s leaders of the future. LEAP aims to achieve this objective by:

  • facilitating the personal development of each learner into successful and socially responsible citizens. This includes an expectation that our learners will be successful within a family context and will be caring fathers and mothers in time to come.
  • substantially increasing the number of learners achieving Bachelor Qualification Senior Certificate passes with Maths and Science thereby enabling access to a full range of tertiary education opportunities.
  •  playing an active role in improving the national performance in Maths and Science as espoused by The Centre for Development and Enterprise and the National Education Department.


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