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| March 29, 2012

EDUCATION CAUSE:  Teach With Africa

Teach With Africa is a non-profit organization empowering students and teachers by bringing educators to Africa to teach and learn.

SAABC spoke with TWA CEO Amy Schoew to learn more about this highly successful San Francisco-Bay area based organization.

What is your mission?  To help children access quality education so that they can transform their lives, their communities and their future by bringing educators to South Africa—and South African educators to the U.S—in a reciprocal exchange of teaching and learning.

Who benefits? What is their challenge?  More than 75% of South African children face a lifetime of poverty and despair as a result of a lack of educational resources, in particular, a shortage of teachers. Of the 25,000 new teachers needed in South Africa each year, only 6,000 are trained annually, and less than 25% of mathematics teachers are competent at the level they teach.  TWA sends educators to increase capacity in the local educational framework.

What is one of your current relevant South African project?  One of TWA’s main partners is the LEAP Science and Math Schools educating the most economically and socially challenged students. TWA supports LEAP academic programs and educational leadership initiatives by placing experienced educators in the LEAP underserved schools and community centers serving more than 500 students and adults. They provide tutoring in core academic subjects (science, math and English) and implement student workshops designed to give learners quality time with experienced educators.

How can people support your organization?

  • Hosting Fundraisers: successful events have included Run For Teachers, the SAABC “SAA Golf Classic”, and San Francisco Tennis Club’s “Serve With Africa” tournament.
  • Volunteer opportunities: in Social Media/Marketing, Fundraising, Event Planning, General Admin and Bay Area Tutors.
  • Starting a Scholarship.
  • Facebook Community Involvement: through posts, viewing photos, entering program discussion, asking questions and leaving comments.
  • Hosting a South African Teacher: Annually, a number of South African teachers come to the U.S. to gain classroom experience abroad.
  • Attending TWA Events: which in the past have featured wine tasting and Serve with Africa: Tennis Tournament and Silent Auction. Teach With Africa Annual Gala, the organization’s most successful yearly event, includes a silent auction, dinner and short program presentation.
  • Becoming a Fellow: In 2011, TWA plans to send 25 teachers to five schools across South Africa—four LEAP campuses, as well as a pilot project at a rural village school near Kruger National Park.
  • Fund a Teacher: Directly supporting one of the educators participating in our African exchange of teaching and learning.
  • Nominating a School: and creating U.S. schools partnerships with schools demonstrating a high interest in involvement with TWA.
  • Spreading the word: through blogs, Tweets, and Facebook status.

Where do people go to get financial information on your organization?  Public documents, such as 990’s, are available for viewing.

How long have you been running?  TWA started in 2007.

Contact information:

Amy Schoew, CEO 

Category: Education Causes

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