US athletes inspire SA transformation

| August 29, 2014

“Sport can create hope, where once there was only despair.
It is more powerful than governments in breaking down racial barriers.
It laughs in the face of all types of discrimination.”
—Nelson Mandela

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With no original ties to South Africa, yet a great desire to help and invest in the future of the country, three American friends joined forces in 2013 to inspire transformation in rural areas of our homeland.

Professional athletes Sarah Kate “Skate” Noftsinger and Ruth Riley have been collaborating with a local non-profit organization, Nkomazi Sports Club, to create locally sustainable social improvement through sports for over 6 years.
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Licensed psychotherapist Katherine Wald has been counseling trauma survivors and training local counselors through the NGO, Masisukumeni Women’s Crisis Centre, for 3 years.

Their focus started in Nkomazi, located between the borders of Mozambique and Swaziland, which has one of the highest rates of HIV infection and child and baby rape in the world.

Who benefits and what is their challenge? The Inspire Transformation team were drawn to help organizations in this impoverished community after learning that 40-60% of the population was estimated to be HIV positive. They work closely with two well-established partner organizations in the Nkomazi local municipality of Mpumalanga, South Africa:

MASISUKUMENI WOMEN’S CRISIS CENTREkatherine front of room angle behind Masisukumeni is working to eradicate violence and discrimination against women and children and prevent HIV/AIDS by providing counseling, information, education and paralegal services to survivors of gender related violence and to the wider community. With Inspire Transformation’s support, Masisukumeni can devote even more resources to expanding their services throughout the region, including:

  1. Professional resources and training
  2. Counseling education and techniques
  3. In-kind donations such as:
    • Clothing for infants, children, middle age, and senior women.
    • Educational toys for children.
    • Rape Survivor’s Care Pack–when a woman goes to the hospital for a forensic examination, Masisukumeni provides them with a Rape Survivor Pack. A survivor pack includes soap, feminine products, body lotion, deodorant, washcloth, toothbrush and toothpaste.
  4. Identifying long-term donors and supporters.

Inspire Transformation’s legacy project with Masisukumeni is a capital campaign to build a shelter for Masisukumeni. The shelter would be used by women and children survivors of rape, domestic violence, sexual abuse, and sex trafficking. NKOMAZI SPORTS CLUBgirls in row - boys w ball Established by local leaders in 2011, Nkomazi Sports Club is creating sustainable social improvement by:

  • Bringing organized youth sport into the community
  • Building a sustainable team-based platform that inspires and unites the community to challenge local social issues and brings about positive social change
  • Creating a safe environment where aspiring student-athletes have an opportunity to develop the necessary skills to improve their daily lives

Nkomazi Sport Club aims to achieve the following:

  • Identify, engage, and educate future leaders
  • Provide opportunities for aspiring and dedicated student-athletes and coaches
  • Provide life-skills education
  • Develop facilities suitable for the game
  • Grow the respective sports and create a competitive and safe environment
  • Create an improved player identification and player-scouting system
  • Keep participants off the streets and away from drugs and violence

With Inspire Transformation’s support, Nkomazi Sports Club will be able to offer the first organized, professionally run sports program for youth in Nkomazi. Best of all, no child has to pay to play.

What is your mission?IMG_0269 Inspire Transformation “IT” is creating sustainable social improvement around the globe by identifying and supporting local leaders to establish locally sustainable team – and community – based programs which use sport, music, counseling, and other-culturally relevant activities as catalyst to bring about positive social change.

Why is IT a relevant South African project? Focused in a remote area in South Africa, IT is a great complimentary partner to organizations like SAABC by broadening the similar mission of providing economic opportunities, building the next generation of leaders and empowering the community to have a united vision and ensuring that all areas of South Africa are connected in reaching these objectives.

How can people support?local coach gives ball to boy You can make an online financial donation, inquire about making in-kind donations, apply to volunteer or intern, learn about partnering with IT, as well as find information about inspiring transformation in your area at

Contact Inspire Transformation at: Email: Website: FB:

What do financial contributions support?
The goal is long-term success with local sustainability.

Inspire Transformation strives to train its partners with the skills to locally sustain these entities long after its tenure. It believes collaboration, the sharing of resources, and the sharing of knowledge are vital in order to inspire transformation.

In addition to training and education, we assist our inspired locations with capital projects. Financial contributions will go towards training and education as well as capital projects. If you would like to make an allocated donation or have interest in making a long-term or recurring investment, please contact us.

Message from SAABC…
“Skate, Ruth and Katherine… thank you for the love, passion, and difference you are bringing to South Africa. You are truly a great inspiration to all of us!” Inspire transformation - hero 2 image

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